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Is this the sexiest foliage plant ever?

Plants can evoke so many senses for us; from sound of rustling foliage to air-borne fragrances to textured touch.. However, 'Little Angel' Physocarpus goes one better, it will seduce you! The foliage colours of this incredible plant can only be described as 'SEXY', evoking thoughts of dark satin sheets, red PVC and other 'unprintables'! The leaves constantly change colour too, with a procession of saucy shades! Foliage plants can be extremely useful in the garden, after all not every plant has to have big blousy flowers playing the lead role, we need plants to play 'supporting roles' too. Physocarpus is the perfect supporting cast member, with oak-leaf shaped foliage on round plants. The plants do produce flowers, but they almost...

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Plant of the month: The show-stopping 'Platinum Blonde'

Let's talk about this month's Plant of the Month: 'Platinum Blonde'! This variation of Lavender is versatile and will grow in a range of different soils. Also, its cream-striped foliage gives a feature-length display that will create interest in your garden over a much longer period than standard Lavender!

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