Eight ways to remix your outdoor space this summer

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Container gardening is on the rise.  Not only does it look good, it can serve a practical purpose too. This simple and effective style of gardening can add drama to any outdoor area. It's the ideal solution for those with little or no garden space.  

There is no back breaking digging and no creepy crawlies or unknowns in the soil. All you need is a pot, a bag of compost and a plant and you’re good to go! An empty, concrete backyard can come alive when filled with pots of blooms and foliage. Similarly, you can transform even the smallest balcony into a garden oasis with the simple addition of some pots.

Today's guest blog contributor is Woodlodge, the UK’s leading supplier of garden pots, horticulture products and gardenware. The family business has been trading since 1987, prioritising quality and end-to-end customer service. Here, they share their top tips on how to remix your garden space with containers, no what matter what the size.

Container Gardening: Structure

Container Gardening: Plant pots at different heights

A cluster of planters in several shapes and sizes makes the most of vertical line

When planted, containers can create height and add exciting form to any space.   

A cluster of planters in several shapes and sizes will allow for structured planting that makes the most of vertical line – creating depth through colour and texture.  

Container Gardening: Plant pots on stairs

A few simple pots of varying sizes, colours or materials can add instant impact. This variety can create excitement and drama in an area that you might otherwise overlook.

Container Gardening: Focal Point

Container Gardening: Big blue plant pot

The humble pot can create a visual masterpiece that will draw interest

Containers of plants lend instant colour and can provide a dramatic focal point in the garden.  

Whether it be leading the eye along a garden path or planting a large shrub or tree in a large unusual container, the humble pot can create a visual masterpiece that will draw interest.

Container Gardening: Personality

Container Gardening: Blue truck plant pot

A highly ornate and decorative pot can add style to a minimalist garden

You can alter the persona of a garden or plant by using containers.

A highly ornate and decorative pot can add style to a minimalist garden. The same applies with plants, a plain plant can be elevated by being planted in a traditional and classical urn or more elaborate plant can be shown to its full potential by placing it in a simple pot.

Container Gardening: Bird shaped hanging basket

The beauty of containers is that they are temporary and if a look doesn’t work, it can be easily rectified or removed

A pot is also a wonderful way of experimenting with different styles.  Don’t be afraid to try unconventional looks in your garden, container gardening is a great way to dip your toe without having to invest heavily into an entire look.

Perhaps you’ve been enticed by a new style or exciting new trend – why not test it out with a pot? The beauty of containers is that they are temporary and if a look doesn’t work, it can be easily rectified or removed.  

Container Gardening: Colour

Container Gardening: Blue and white patterned plant pots

Change the mood of your garden with the colours of your containers and plants.  Bold hues and bright colours such as red, orange, pink will create vibrancy and excitement whilst earthy tones of green, brown, grey and blue will provide a more serene and calming outdoor space.

Container Gardening: Lighten up

Container Gardening: Pastel coloured plant pots

A bright container can bring life to a neglected corner

Have a shady, neglected area of your garden that needs brightening it up?  Try sprucing it up with ferns or other shade loving plants. Evergreens such as Japanese forest grass and phormium will thrive and their lush green foliage will brighten up the darkest corners of your garden. Pair with some plain black planters to create a striking look.

If dark planters are not to your taste, combat the shade with a rainbow of colour.  A bright container can bring life to a neglected corner, especially when teamed with colourful blooms such as hydrangeas, geraniums, anemones and asters which will light up an area of shade.

Container Gardening: The only way is up

Container Gardening: Butterflies on wall trellis

Take advantage of walls or fences to grow up. Containers of vertical climbers such Honeysuckle, Trachelopsermum, Clematis, Passiflora, Jasmine can be planted in ground level pots and trained on wall mounted trellises whilst filling the air with sweet scents for all to enjoy.  

Alternatively, hanging bowls which when planted with spiller plants such as ivy, fuchsias or lobelia will add natural beauty to a utilitarian outside wall and create interest.

Container Gardening: 'Re-branding' your front doorway

Container Gardening: Plant pots in doorway

Make a statement with big, bold planters with a mix of flowers and shrubs

Don’t forget your front garden or driveway too!  A survey last year by Dulux revealed 93% of the nation are more likely to attend a viewing if the house's exterior is well maintained.  

For instant kerb appeal, decorate your home’s entrance using containers. Smaller pots can often get lost next to a doorway. With this in mind, make a statement with big, bold planters with a mix of flowers and shrubs.  Larger specimens such as buxus or bay can create an array of elegance. Conversely, traditional potted annuals can soften an entrance.

Container Gardening: All change

Container Gardening: Square shaped planter

Planters and containers can be moved around to different areas of the garden

The wonderful thing about container gardening is that it's temporary.  You can move planters and containers to different areas of the garden or even to another property. This means that plants which have been lovingly tended to for years, or have a special meaning to you, can come with you no matter how far you travel. 

With new, innovate lightweight planters coming to market regularly, move your plants around to create a fresh look every time.

You can find Woodlodge’s extensive range of garden pots in over 2,000 retailers across the UK.  To find out more about Woodlodge’s market leading product offering please visit www.woodlodge.co.uk

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