Gardening's new natural phenomenon

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Organic fertilisers may be low down on your list of things to buy for the garden, but here’s why you should move it right to the top…


Recently, we’ve seen a huge spike in demand for organic and environmentally friendly products across the board – so it’s inevitable that the gardening world follows suit. After all, what’s more natural than the act of gardening?

Gardening's New Natural Phenomenon: organic fertiliser from PlantGrow

Before chemical fertilisers were introduced, organic gardening was the norm, not a moral choice. Now, organic fertilisers are a must-have item for the conscious gardener. But because they aren’t regulated in the same way as organic foods (the terms ‘organic’ and ‘natural’ can be used by anyone), it’s important to research and purchase from the right brand.

One of those brands is PlantGrow, which offers a new and unique, eco-friendly plant food - the first of its kind to the UK market. PlantGrow is made from 100% plants through anaerobic digestion, meaning the process which involves microorganisms biodegrading organic waste without the use of oxygen.

Gardening's new natural pehnomenon: organic fertiliser from PlantGrow

Available in both liquid and solid form, PlantGrow was initially a bi-product of this digestion process, which creates enough biogas to power around 2000 homes. Amazingly, this renewable energy source has been used in the UK since 1895, when gas from sewage was used in street lamps across Exeter!

PlantGrow Natural Fertiliser

Produced in Norfolk, the organic fertiliser blends cereal crops such as maize and rye, as well as various fruits and vegetables – so your garden goodies can get a delicious nutrient boost! It also works as a long term soil improver, providing nutrition to stimulate root development and healthy growth, unlike a lot of chemical fertilisers.

PlantGrow Soil Conditioner and Rose Mix 

Because of its organic ingredients, PlantGrow is safe to use around children and pets in the garden, so feel free to get the family involved in your gardening chores! You can use this organic fertiliser to improve all types of garden vegetation, from trees to shrubs, all the way through to your prize roses.

The PlantGrow Process

PlantGrow is available at Homebase, Dobbies, Blue Diamond & Cherry Lane stores, plus many independent garden centres across the UK.

Gardening's new natural phenomenon: organic fertiliser from PlantGrow

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