Would you employ someone to cut your lawn? How about a robot?

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The future is bright, the future is.. GREEN! As more and more urbanites get into gardening and 'flowerfying' their outdoor space, the demand for patches of lawn become more and more in demand. Yes, we've talked about using artificial lawns, but what if you don't want to fake it...?

Can you imagine trying to mow a lawn in a small, urban garden space? It ain't gonna work with all those elbows now, is it! Well, here's something we never imagined was possible; a robotic mower! Not only is this the only solution for mowing small, compact lawns, but it's almost a godsend for larger areas too. You can just sit back with a glass of wine whilst you watch your robot at work. I'm just sorry it's not built like Jesse Metcalfe!

This robotic garden helper is called the Stiga Autoclip M Series, and can be ready to mow your lawn straight from the box! It's quick and easy to set up, and will soon get to work on your grass. Don't worry, your machine won't suddenly go rogue on your prized lawn either, the sturdy blades are toned for a superior cut and optimal efficiency.

Did you know that you can set your mower to work automatically too? Simply leave it outdoors, by the lawn, in it's charging station. It can then be programmed to trim your lawn at the right intervals. You don't need to collect or dispose of grass clippings. Every day, your robot will cut just a few millimeters of grass. The clippings are left on the ground and act as a natural fertilizer for your lawn. When the mower is low on charge, it'll return itself to the charging station to replenish as well! This truly is worry-free mowing!

And, think about it, a robotic mower won't just work well in small, awkward to access areas, it'll also benefit sloping grass. How many times you have almost be crushed by your home mower whilst tending such areas?

Whilst it's an attractive option for larger gardens, the Autoclip M Series will also benefit smaller spaces. Did you know that 68% of gardens across Europe are less than 500m2 in size? However, there are also M5 and M7 models in the series, for different sizes of lawn area. See the full family here.

The full Autoclip M Series goes on sale from spring 2018.  There's also an accompanying app, which can help you get the most out of your new gardening friend!

Stiga has been building robotic lawnmowers since 2012, and recently presented the Autoclip M Series to an exclusive press crowd at the Spoga GAFA fair in Germany.

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