The future of seed sowing: introducing the seedball

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I am really excited to announce a partnership with the lovely ladies at Seedball! I really love their drive, enthusiasm and the whole concept and wide appeal of the Seedball. Even better, they seem to enjoy my plant geek moments, even though I realise that they're much, much more clever than I (they are scientists, in fact!)


A modern update on an ancient technique, the seed ball actually represents a mini ecosystem, giving the seed everything it needs to grow and flourish (apart from water!) In some one-of-a-kind machines at Seedball HQ, various bags of seed are mixed with a blend of clay, peat-free compost and a dash of chilli powder, and then rolled into marble-sized balls. (How have I stopped myself from making any jokes about balls yet??)

Each tin includes 20 seedballs!

How does the seedball work? Firstly, the dried clay offers a protective barrier from common seed snufflers, such as ants and birds. Once the ball is thrown onto your borders (no digging required!!) and sufficiently moist, the clay starts to soften and the seeds inside begin to germinate. The balls also include a secret cocktail of nutrients and minerals, which help germination and subsequent growth. Lastly, a surprise coating of chilli powder makes sure that any pesky predator is deterred from your germinating seeds.

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How to plant your seedballs! It could not be easier! Everything the seed needs is in the ball, it just needs moisture and a medium to grow in. You could even just throw them into the border and they would grow, in fact some people have been known to use catapults to distribute their seedballs!

There's more than 10 seedballs in the range!
There's more than 10 seedballs in the range!

The Seedball range includes a whole host of different mixes and blends- from wildflowers to edibles! My favourite is the Edibles Collection, which includes individual balls of salad crops, herbs and herbal tea plants! They make really great gifts for birthdays or christmas- and they're not just for gardeners!

There is so much more I want to tell you about this project,

If you want to give the Seedball concept a try, Mr Plant Geek fans can use my exclusive discount code- simply tap 'mrplantgeek' into the promotional code box on the Seedball website once you reach the checkout!

Click on the picture below to be transported to seedball heaven!


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