Unusual gifts for gin lovers this Christmas!

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The popularity of gin is rising and rising, and you've no doubt got a few gin lovers on your Christmas shopping list this year! But, there's only so much gin you can drink (you may disagree!) so why not consider one of these unusual gin-themed gifts?

From lip balm to bath salts, make your own kits to grow your own kits, there are some interesting choices here. Your very own christmas gift guide for the gin lover starts here..

Make your own flavoured gin!

Use these flavour bags to transform your favourite gin to a fancy cocktail! From elderflower to summer berries, this gift box includes 12 infusion bags, in 6 different flavours!

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Have that taste on your lips all day long...

The perfect gin stocking filler! 2 x 15ml lip balms with either gin and tonic or prosecco flavours! 99% organic, and 100% tasty!

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Turn vodka into gin, in just ONE week!

Turn any neutral alcohol into gin! Step by step instructions to create a flavourful glass of gin. Fun to do, and makes gin a touch more affordable.

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The ultimate indulgence!

Made in London, these unique truffles are chocolatey, and flavoured with gin, lemon and popping candy. A party in your own mouth! Made in London and presented in a neat little gift box.

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Everything you needed to know about Gin!

The definitive gin drinker's guide, with information on everything from history to ingredients, how gin is made to the varieties available around the world.

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Bathe in your favourite tipple!

You love gin? You can now literally bathe in the stuff! This indulgent set includes scented bath salts, lip balm, soap and a bath scrunchie!

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How satisfying would it be to grow your own gin!

You have all you need in this kit to grow your own Sloe bush, a bluish berry which happens to make a very tasty gin!

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The best party outfit ever!

Handmade gin and tonic earrings! Supplied in gift packaging, ready for that gin lover!

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Can't decide on a gin? Try all 3!

Wooden gift crate with some glorious tasting gins! Package includes 5cl bottles of Hendrick's, Whitney Neill and Bombay Sapphire gins, plus that essential tonic!

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Take this one to the gym!

This 600ml water bottle will get people talking; in the office, gym or at home!

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