What is a mulching mower? Reduce your lawn care time by up to 30%!

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"Gardens are not made by singing ‘oh, how beautiful!’ and sitting in the shade.”

Rudyard Kipling could not have been more on target when it comes to the labour involved with any patch of green, especially big lawns. Long hours of mowing, collecting and fertilizing are part and parcel of your backyard’s upkeep.

Enter grasscycling: a smart and sustainable method for minimizing effort and maximizing results for lush, green grass. STIGA and their mulching mowers offer an easy way to integrate this eco-savvy technique into your lawn care regime.

So what’s all the buzz about? In a nutshell, grasscycling (or mulching) re-uses your cut grass as a natural fertilizer to feed your lawn. As you mow, the clippings are finely shredded and redistributed across your lawn. The grass particles break down, and their high nitrogen content and nutrients organically nourish your turf. It’s a natural, efficient and environmentally-friendly way of dealing with grass clippings.

Mulching is beneficial to the environment for two reasons. The first is pretty obvious. It eliminates having to feed your lawn chemical products that are detrimental to the eco-system. Which brings us to reason number two. Those same grass clippings that pile up in your garden end up adding to landfills and organic waste disposal sites. Collectively, they can even account for up to half of urban summer refuse. So just by mulching, you reduce waste production and the use of chemical fertilizers.

Another plus is that grasscycling saves time. By distributing clippings while you’re mowing, there are no more heaps to rake, bag and drive to the dump. It’s estimated that a mulching mower can reduce lawn care time by up to 30% (that’s more time for sitting in the shade and singing). With absolutely no need to spread fertilizer, that’s one more task you can strike off of your list.

You save money on fertilizer and petrol if you usually have to drive your clippings to a waste facility. If we factor in less watering, due to the moisture released by chopped grass particles, you might even save on your water bill too.

So mulching is a win-win for you, your lawn, the environment and your wallet.

Sold? All you need now is a mulching mower. STIGA has a range of different models with a built-in grasscycling system, from lawn tractors to front ride-ons to classic self-propelled machines. Its Multiclip series offers some of the most advanced walk-behind mowers on the market with upgrades for an improved mowing experience across the board. Their specially-designed cutting deck shreds clippings so finely that they disappear into your lawn and decompose more quickly. Multi-clip mowers also direct sound towards the ground to significantly reduce noise and increase comfort while working in your garden. Not to mention that they do double duty mulching leaves as well.
Gardens may not be made by singing, but great technology that simplifies the job and gives back to nature in the process might just give you something to hum about.

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