Babycham & Box Men's Fitted Short Sleeve Tee

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Babycham might remind you of the best, or strangest parties you went to in the 70s or 80s, or it might be your favourite tipple for ironic hipster reasons.  I'm not here to judge you, just to entice you to show your friends, family and employers just how fabulous you are by wearing this glorious tee shirt.  If you're read this far and are not sure why I've coupled Babycham with Box on this design then I'm going to give you an innocent wink and tell you that when I talk about 'box' I'm referring to the shrub. Honest...

Made from very soft cotton, this tee is really comfortable for a Plant Geek's active lifestyle! With high quality print it allows one to express personality on the go.

~ 100% Soft cotton

~ Fits true to size


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