Prunus 'Fukubana' Men's Fitted Short Sleeve Tee

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I had a nightmare. I was working in a garden in the West Indies.  Every plant in the garden was yelling at me, they all wanted my attention.  Some were desperate to be deadheaded, some were crying out to be watered.  The most aggressive plant in the garden was a banana tree that needed pruning.  He just wouldn't stop shouting at me.  In end I threw down my tools when the banana shouted 'PRUNUS!'.  I stormed out of the garden, but not before shouting Fukubana!

Made from very soft cotton, this tee is really comfortable for a Plant Geek's active lifestyle. Pick your favourite ‘rude botany’ phrase and be prepared for a cheeky giggle from your friends!

~ 100% Soft cotton

~ Fits true to size


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