10 Christmas gifts for gardeners

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Gardeners never stop - not even at Christmas! While the turkey's roasting in the oven, we're dreaming about what to plant next season, or (at the very least) whether we could tempt ourselves into the shed to reorganise our seed collection.

With Christmas looming, it's time to think about what to gift the gardener in your life. No doubt they have a million trowels, kneeling mats and hardy gloves from Christmasses of previous years - so why not get them something really unique?

Gardeners are massive plant geeks, so of course they'll love what's on offer in the Mr Plant Geek store. From hilarious Rude Botany statement tees, to hardwearing Plant Geek branded phone cases, there's so much to choose from! So let us help you with 10 of our favourite Christmas gift ideas from the shop.

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10 ideas for Christmas gardening gifts



2. PLNTGK Hoodie


3. Gin & Geraniums T-shirt

Gin & Geraniums T-shirt

4. I'd Remember T-shirt

I'd Remember T-shirt

5. Plant Lad T-shirt

Plant Lad T-shirt

6. Erica canaliculata T-shirt

Erica canaliculata T-shirt

7. Phallus impudicus T-shirt

Phallus impudicus T-shirt

8. For the Love of Plants T-shirt

For the Love of Plants T-shirt

9. Mr Plant Geek T-shirt

Mr Plant Geek T-shirt

10. Plant Snob T-shirt

Plant Snob T-shirt


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