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The ultimate gift for anyone working in horticulture!

There has never been a better gift for a plant person! Plus, there's FREE worldwide express delivery if you order before lunchtime on Saturday 15th December- receive your goods in time for christmas!  But, first, let me tell you a story... Okay, you work in the horticultural industry. You go to a party or event. There are people from other industries. When they find out what you do, I can predict exactly what will happen.If you're lucky, you'll just get away with "I've got this plant, and it isn't looking happy. Do you know why?" However, on occasion people often go the whole hog with "Ooh, will you come and look at my garden and give me a bit of...

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Green Thursday discounts on Plant Geek Gear !

If you haven't got yourself some #PlantGeekGear, now is the time... Our biggest discount yet! They don't call it Green Thursday for nothing. Well, they don't call it Green Thursday at all, actually. We're doing Black Friday a bit differently, because Plant Geeks are known for being unique... Our 15% discount should be enough to get your family, friends, co-workers or that lovely neighbour down the road a little bit of cheeky Plant Geek merch (and perhaps a treat for yourself, too) Scroll down for your discount code! Discount code: GREEN15 is valid until midnight on Monday 26th November. (Handy Hint: use our search box on the site if you can't find what you need)

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