From Foodscaping to Fancy Indoor Plants: 5 new gardening books to buy now

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Even during the age of the internet, most of us still love holding a good book! There's nothing better than sitting back and indulging with a cup of herbal and a fistful of botanical pages. It's also easier to follow method in a book than constantly pausing that YouTube tutorial with muddy hands!

Here's my look at 5 of the hottest books right now!

Succulents by Robin Stockwell
Published by Oxmoor House
Succulents by Robin Stockwell

My 8 years old self would be so happy that succulents are hot right now! They are great for beginners; but what if you want to take your new hobby that stage further? Robin's amazingly colourful book gives tips on choosing succulents and using them in displays, and with sensible growing information on 200 varieties. The layout and photography is crisp, clean and fresh, and I absolutely adore the plant variety pages towards the back, the succulents really pop against that white background!

Available now on amazon for £19.99 (£7.99 on Kindle), click here to buy!


Secret Gardens of East Anglia by Barbara Segall
Published by Frances Lincoln 
Secret Gardens of East Anglia by Barbara Segall

You won't have to be an East of England enthusiast to enjoy this tempting tour behind the garden gate. Barbara is one of the warmest ladies I've ever had occasion to spend time with, and is well-known on the garden writing scene, and gives insight on a thrilling range of unique East Anglian gardens. Ably photographed by the late Marcus Harper, this is a handsome coffee table book which you'll be flicking through every time you've boiled that kettle!

Available now on amazon for £16.89 (£11.69 on Kindle), click here to buy!


Foodscape Revolution by Brie Arthur
Published by St Lynne's Press
Foodscape Revolution by Brie Arthur

This book will change how you think about edibles and their place in the garden. Brie has untold enthusiasm for 'foodscaping'; the practice of incorporating casual edibles into your usual planting schemes. With a particular love of grains, she takes you on a journey that will make you realise vegetables are just as attractive as their flowery relatives!

An example of a 'foodscape' design

Available now on amazon for £16.52 (£10.19 on Kindle), click here to buy


The Plant Messiah by Carlos Magdalena

It's a story book! A story book about plants. Carlos is a botanical whirlwind, with a strong passion for plants and saving them from extinction. The story of his life and how he came to love plants is the perfect prelude to his thrilling tale of how he saved the world's tiniest water lily. If you weren't already aware, this book will leave you in no doubt at the importance of plants in our world.

Available now on amazon for £12.69 (£9.99 on Kindle), click here to buy


At Home with Plants by Ian Drummond and Kara O'Reilly

A bright celebration of houseplants, which of course is piqued by the current trend. However, Ian and Kara show they are more than just a one hit wonder and, thanks to their work with Ikea, you can benefit from some super fresh design ideas. They also share their knowledge on the best locations for certain plants through the home. There will be no more houseplant failures with this handy guide by your side!

Available now on amazon for £9.50 (£7.99 on Kindle), click here to buy


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