5 unusual christmas gifts for plant lovers

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With plants having their moment right now, there are so many interesting and unique christmas gifts for the plant lover in your life! From a book called 'Prick' to sneakers made of algae, you'll be amazed by this selection!

Here's my pick of the hottest Christmas gifts!

Cactus Push Pins

Dull drawing pins can stay in the drawer! These handsome cactus push pins more than up to any pinning job!  Use them for pinning up notes and reminders, they are also plastic and wipe clean. You get 5 cool designs in each pack, they really are the perfect christmas gifts and ideal stocking filler.

Cactus Pins from Urban Outfitters- christmas gifts
Who said plants wouldn't grow in your office??
Just £10.00 from Urban Outfitters. Click here to buy.

The Click and Grow Smart Garden

That's it, growing your own herbs and kitchen vegetables is now as easy as pushing a button! This well-designed unit is brilliant for anyone wanting to enjoy their own fresh and vitamin-packed crops in their home.

The Click and Grow Smart Garden- christmas gifts
Automated growing; couldn't be simpler!
Costs £59.95 from amazon. Click here to buy.

Ultra 3 Bloom Mens Sneaker by Vivo Barefoot

The new eco-adventurer sneaker! These sneakers are actually 100% waterproof with breathable, non-absorbent and free-draining material. The material is an algae-based bloom foam, making it the first sustainable alternative to the usual synthetics, and a shoe suitable for vegans.

Ultra 3 Bloom Sneakers by Vivo Barefoot- christmas gifts
Yes, these sneakers are made of ALGAE!
COSTS £60.00 from VIVO BAREFOOT. Click here to buy.


Seedball with Plantlife Wildflowers

An exciting new collab from the guys at Seedball, each tin of this new mix is stuffed with wildflowers curated by Plantlife. Proceeds will go to establishing a new wildflower reserve in Cornwall. Lovely christmas gifts, they are easy for beginners to grow, and each tin has 20 balls, with 30 seeds per ball.

Seedball with Plantlife Wildflowers- christmas gifts
Have you got the balls to give them a go?
Just £5.99 from seedball. Click here to buy.


Prick: The Cacti and Succulents Book

East London cactus shop Prick is the brainchild of the awesome Gynelle Leon, and here she releases her first book, offering the ultimate guide to cacti and succulents. It is beautifully designed, and of use to every skill level.

Prick: Cacti and Succulents by Gynelle Leon- christmas gifts

A book called Prick.. I'm saying nothing!

just £15.00 from Urban Outfitters. Click here to buy.


I think you'll agree these are a bunch of christmas gifts to inspire, and you'll probably end up buying a few for yourself! 

**Gentle Warning: this post may be sponsored or include affiliate links, however please be assured that any products spoken about have the Plant Geek seal of approval.**


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