7 plants that dad would love

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Father's Day 2019 is coming up on Sunday 16th June, and it's the perfect time to encourage dad's love of plants!

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You might also like to buy your father a nice new plant for his garden, or even a houseplant that he can proudly display on his desk. If that's the case, why not pick one of these plants that your horticulture-obsessed dad would no doubt love?

Venus Fly Trap

Venus Fly Trap | Plants for Men

Venus Fly Traps are such interesting plants to look at! Domestic Fly Traps are easy to care for - you don't even need to feed them flies. They can survive just fine with lots of sunshine and water, so they're ideal for dads who don't like fussy, high maintenance plants.


Monstera | Plants for Men

Monsteras make great houseplants and do a fantastic job at purifying air. Often known as the Swiss Cheese Plants thanks to the holes in its leaves, Monstera is ideal for adding some greenery to a room.

Peace Lily

Peace Lily | Plants for Men

Another great air purifyer, Peace Lilies add elegance to an indoor space without being overly feminine. The sprigs of greenery and white flowers are a great colour combination! Peace Lilies are also incredibly easy to care for.

European Fan Palm

Chamaerops humilis | European Fan Palm | Plants for Men

One of the most cold-hardy palms, the European Fan Palm, or Chamaerops humilis, is ideal for UK gardens. If your dad loves wandering around botanical gardens on holiday and always wishes he could bring those plants back to his pwn garden, he'll love this palm's tropical vibes!

Fatsia japonica

Fatsia japonica | Plants for Men

This evergreen shrub is pretty hard to kill, so your Father's Day present is sure to last a long time! Growing large leaves around 45cm in width, Fatsia japonica is perfect for filling a sparse spot in the garden. 


Bromeliad | Plants for Men

If colour is your dad's thing, a Bromeliad is the answer. Their vibrant bracts last for several months, so your old man will get plenty of enjoyment out of them!


Bonsai | Plants for Men

Fathers who are a stickler for topiary should up their game with a bonsai tree. These trees are works of art which last for hundreds of years with the right care. Give a gift that keeps on giving!

A few extra Father's Day 2019 gift ideas

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