Mr Plant Geek picks 9 exciting spring bulbs for you to grow!

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Spring bulbs require the LEAST EFFORT for the most REWARD! Just drop a few bulbs into a (well-prepared) hole in the autumn, and they'll explode through the spring soil like the best fireworks display you could ever imagine!

September to October is the time to buy those bulbs. Make sure you always invest in the largest bulbs you can afford. Smaller bulbs may not flower in their first season after planting, so beware! Plant bulbs as soon as you receive them for the best results. Although it's better to wait until November with Tulips, once the frost deals with some soil-borne problems that Tulips can dislike.

Plant your bulbs at three times their own depth, and into good quality soil, dug over and cleared of any large stones. To improve drainage, set your bulb onto a sand or gravel 'cushion' too! Make light work of planting bulbs with this clever tool, and you'll soon be wanting to plant bulbs all year round! (Which of course, I would totally approve of!)

Some of may remember my visit to the Dutch gardens of the Keukenhof back in the spring, where I found a whole bunch of exciting bulb varieties.

But, right now, here are my exclusive picks for your 2018 spring gardens and pots!
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ONE. Magical Hyacinths

These fragrant candles are so, so seductive! Grown as a houseplant, the fragrance can be a little migraine-inducing, but in patio pots or the border, that fragrance becomes a pleasure, and cuts through the cool winter air.

Magical Hyacinths

Hyacinths are everything a good bodybuilder wants to be; chunky and wearing the very best branded aftershave!

TWO. Pink Daffodils

Gosh, has the world gone crazy and/or colourblind?! Actually, NO, pink daffodils DO exist. This super unusual shade of salmon is a perennial customer favourite, and fits any vintage garden scheme. Instagram heaven!

Daffodil 'Replete Improved'

Pink Daffodils will get the neighbours talking for sure, plant them in patio pots or naturalise them in long grass for an awesome effect! I selected this pink daffodil from the breeding fields with my own hands too!

THREE. Mighty Muscari

They're kinda small, but they don't half pack a punch! The denim blue shades of Muscari are best enjoyed en masse. Plant them beneath trees and shrubs for a river of the bluest water, you'll be aching to dip your toes into it!

Muscari armeniacum

Muscari, also known as Grape Hyacinth, are virtually indestructible too. Wanna take on that challenge..?!

FOUR. Firewings Tulips

Set it off in the border. This Tulip with a big personality. 'Firewings' looks like a work experience kid's been set loose with the marker pens, as scarlet red beams against sulphur yellow! The blooms fall apart so gracefully too, extending your pleasure!

Tulip 'Firewings'

A neat Tulip, whilst quiet in it's shape and habit, it certainly isn't with it's colours!

FIVE. The Gardenia Daffodil

Bypass all the tricky intricacies of growing real Gardenia by grabbing a few of these bulbs. 'The Gardenia Daffodil' has the appearance, and FRAGRANCE, of a Gardenia. It's kinda unbelievable, but it's true. The soft white is a real spring treat and was selected by Mr Plant Geek himself.

Daffodil 'Rose of May Improved'

This Daffodil is hard to resist. It is large-flowered, so shorter than most daffodils. Stems are remarkably wind-proof, yet still long enough for cutting.

SIX. Double-flowered Anemones

Anemones are always a tongue-twister to say! Despite that, they're excellent for beginners, and can grow in most areas of the garden. The silky blooms are a favourite of wedding bouquets. Will they be in yours? (PS I'm not asking!)

Anemone 'St Brigid Mixed'

These are the double-flowered ones, which are THE NUTS! Buy them now. That's an order.

SEVEN. Tulip 'Spryng Break'

We'll gloss over that mis-spelling, and blame the Dutch.. But, by heck, what an amazing Tulip. HUGE, and I mean huge, goblet flowers, with an in-your-face stripe on each petal. Give this one space, as it's a monster in every way.

Tulip 'Spryng Break'

Flamboyant is the word when it comes to 'Spryng Break'!

EIGHT. Double Sugar Tulips!

If you're on a calorie-controlled diet, you better avoid this one.. Fully double, peony-like blooms, with a sugary frosting- and scent! 'Double Sugar' is a robust, unapologetic variety, for the border or vase!

Tulip 'Double Sugar'

Indulgence at it's best. It's an expensive bulb, but well worth it!

NINE. The ultimate mixture!

So, I've now recommend an amazing 8 bulb varieties to you! But, if that's got your head in a spin, why not go for one of the bumper bulb packs on offer- just click here!

Now you can go off and have fun planning, and planting, your spring garden!


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