Additions to the Mr Plant Geek clothing range released!

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Due to the initial success of the Mr Plant Geek clothing range, I have added a number of new designs, some of which have been fan suggestions! I have also launched a new contemporary range called 'PLNTGK'. You can see some of those designs below, with even more up in the shop.

PLNTGK Vest PLNTGK Hoodie Japanese For the Love of Plants T-shirt

But, hang on, what's available for the ladies? Well, some of the Mr Plant Geek items are now also available in 'ladies fit'. That's not all though, there's also a range of fresh, contemporary 'PLNTGDDSS' designs (meaning Plant Goddess, of course!)

Please excuse that these clothes haven't been modelled yet, but they're so hot off the press they're still warm!

Mr Plant Geek T-shirt - Womens PLNTGDDSS Hoodie

You may have also noticed some rather cheeky additions in the Mr Plant Geek clothing range. Well, all I have to say is; it's not RUDE, it's BOTANY! Maybe it's all in your dirty mind...

Clitoria Tenertea T-shirt Philadelphus erectus T-shirt

... and there's more to come soon!


So, why not browse the shop now.

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