Green Thursday discounts on Plant Geek Gear !

Posted by Jen Meredith on

If you haven't got yourself some #PlantGeekGear, now is the time...

Our biggest discount yet!

They don't call it Green Thursday for nothing. Well, they don't call it Green Thursday at all, actually. We're doing Black Friday a bit differently, because Plant Geeks are known for being unique...

Plant Geek Gear

Our 15% discount should be enough to get your family, friends, co-workers or that lovely neighbour down the road a little bit of cheeky Plant Geek merch (and perhaps a treat for yourself, too) Scroll down for your discount code!

Discount code: GREEN15 is valid until midnight on Monday 26th November.

(Handy Hint: use our search box on the site if you can't find what you need)


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